Can I Buy Expired Domain Name?

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Last updated Jan 22, 2023
Can I Buy Expired Domain Name - Domaintive

Grabbing an expired domain name can make it simple to provide your blog an advantage over the competitors, with existing backlinks and standing in Google from the onset. On the other hand, you can not merely acquire just any expired domain and anticipate instant results. Domaintive has some ideas that allow you to sort through the options to find the ideal expired domain name or recognize it's time to develop your URL from the ground up.


Know What to Look For

You should ask yourself some essential questions before seeking an expired domain name. These consist of the following:

  • What keywords do I desire in a domain name?
  • Should my domain name include my city or state?
  • Is there a preferred domain name extension for my business or industry?

You can look via expired domain name sites and domain name auction sites to see your alternatives when you understand what you want.

How Do I Know When I Find a Good Expired Domain Name

Understanding the details of an expired domain name is essential. Here are some features of a good expired domain name:

Quality Links

Internet sites such as Majestic make it simple to locate all the details you might need regarding a particular domain name's inbound links. Top-quality official links (such as .gov or .edu) are ideal. While generally, link quality is better than quantity, a large number of links from numerous respectable websites is additionally a great indicator of site quality.

It is also crucial to examine not just the quantity but the variety of domain links. A site might have 10,000 links from just 3 or 4 suspicious domain names; therefore, it's wise to avoid such domain names because Google might have specified them to be spam.


The age of a domain plays a key factor within Google. The older the domain, the more authority it will automatically have.


Moz is a premier company that created a valuable ranking system to rank sites from 1 to 100. You can freely inspect any domain on Moz. A higher score represents a domain with both domain and page authority.


You can examine various sites to see just how much web traffic the expired domain had. Doing so is a great concept to ensure you get a domain with a consistent web traffic stream before its expiration.


Lastly, it is crucial to inspect the site's appearance. Wayback Machine is a free site where you can see what a domain name looked like in months or years past. This search allows you to understand what the site offered previously and what type of clientele used the site. It's recommended that it's similar to your business.

Know if it's Worth It

You may be lucky enough to find an expired domain name that matches the above-required features, saving you money for that domain. However, in most circumstances, a good expiring or expired domain name is placed up for public auction and goes to the highest bidder. Consequently, you need to know if it's worth the high price tag. 

Getting an expired domain name doesn't come without risks, even if you thoroughly do your due diligence. An expired quality domain name with sufficient traffic is ideal but not the only way to establish traffic for a new business domain. Know your budget and stick to it!

So, Can I Buy Expired Domain Name?

Yes. Acquiring an expired domain name can be an excellent method to create instant traffic to your business website. There are essentially 10s of thousands of expiring or expired domain names to choose from, making it relatively easy for you to discover one that suits your business. However, make sure to take the time for proper research, ensuring the expired domain name has traffic, ranking, and quality links. Moreover, if you find yourself in an auction situation, you need to know how practical the domain is against your budget.

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