How to Market a Domain Name Effectively

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Last updated Jan 22, 2023
How to Market a Domain Name - Domaintive

Selecting a domain name for your company's website is one of the most crucial decisions you'll make for your company's future. Whether finding your domain in an online search or typing in your company URL, your domain name is the first aspect people encounter online. A reliable domain name should fit your brand, but how to market a domain name to new and returning consumers?


First, Start with an Effective Domain Name

What is an effective domain name? And how can you ensure that your company is maximizing the value of your domain name? GoDaddy, a prominent domain name provider, has a couple of ideas when it comes to selecting an efficient domain name. These ideas will certainly aid in using your domain name to market your company.

  • An easy-to-type domain name is vital. Don't make it hard for customers to find you by using slang or irregular spelling of words.
  • A shorter domain name gives customers less chance to misspell it.
  • A number or hyphen in your domain name provides a greater chance of customers mishearing the name and spelling it incorrectly in their internet browser.


Second, Keep an Eye Out for Technical Issues

You need to additionally recognize prospective technological issues with your domain, as these can impede your ability to utilize your domain for marketing. Moreover, GoDaddy has ideas concerning the technical side of selecting a domain, including domain extensions and domain name variant registrations.

  • There are plenty of domain name extension options for your website. The most common are .com and .net. Alternate extensions can be .org (for non-profits), .biz (for e-commerce), and .me (for a blog or personal site). Your domain name extension should be related to your type of business site.
  • Some companies will register their domain name with various extensions and alternate spellings or misspellings. This extra step helps to keep competitors from capitalizing on other's brands by registering the same name as your company but with a slightly different spelling or domain extension.


A Domain Name That Fits Your Brand Is A Domain Name That Markets Your Company For You

Much of what we've covered is related to the technical side of selecting a domain name, yet for your domain name to be an efficient marketing device, it must be representative of your brand. Remember that your brand name should encapsulate your whole business image, including your business name, logo design, and social media.

Domaintive advises:

  • Start by paying attention to keywords in your business name.
  • Consider the logo design for your brand or any other elements that can affect your domain name selection.

Branding your company doesn't happen overnight. When people search Google or social media, the goal is for your brand to be present in the search results due to related keywords. If people discover your domain name when browsing online, your domain name is already marketing your company for you. Focus on consistent branding across all online platforms, such as your company website and social media accounts.


Obtain Expert Marketing Help

Obtaining expert marketing help can be incredibly useful when going through this process. These experts can help with your branding decisions as well as creating and growing your online presence.

Remember, selecting a domain name for your company's website is one of your most crucial decisions. However, it is simply the beginning of the process. Next, you will need to build your social media accounts and fill them with regular SEO-optimized content. 

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