Why Register Multiple Domain Names for Your Company

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Last updated Jan 23, 2023
Why Register Multiple Domain Names - Domaintive

Registering your company for multiple domains may appear like a waste of money or an inferior SEO method for trying to get traffic. However, the fact is large corporations also perform this SEO tactic. Let Domaintive present why register multiple domain names for your company is a good investment and provide guidance on how to do it so you do not spend more than you need to.

Why Register Multiple Domain Names

Conserving Money Long-Term

Believe it or not, purchasing extra domain names related to your primary domain name will conserve your money long-term. It is not unusual for shady companies and individuals who desire to make a bit of additional money to purchase domain names similar to domains of popular businesses and create their own sites. This is an easy tactic to quickly obtain website traffic at the expense of the other popular business.

Another reason is to hold onto the domain name until the popular business is ready to buy the similar domain name at a hefty price. There are two options to resolve this matter; pay high legal fees to fight it out in court or pay the shady company a high price to obtain the similar domain name. Either way, you will be out more money than you want.

Alternately, some legitimate companies fail to do their research prior to buying a domain name, thus making it easy for companies that are significantly different from each other to have extremely comparable URLs. You will want to avoid this as customers can get easily confused between the two companies.

Acquiring Extra Traffic

People regularly misspell words when typing a domain name into Google. In some instances, this changes nothing; in others, people wind up at a site with the misspelled domain name. Many big corporations are conscious of this and specifically buy misspelled domain names to redirect them to the corporation's primary site.

Knowing What Domain Names to Purchase

Understanding what domain names to purchase is as essential as being aware of the necessity to buy several domain names for your company. The following tips will help you purchase the needed domain names and not more.

Consider Your Business Type

With a plethora of TLDs available, finding one that's highly relatable to your company is possible. Think about your company's products or services. Then, purchase domain names that feature your company name while ending with extensions related to your type of work.

Stick to .com and .net Extensions

The most typical TLDs are .com and .net. Make certain you buy your picked URL with both extension variations so that a competitor can't easily take your position online. Purchase a .org extension for your domain name if you run a non-profit organization. Don't bother with most other domain name extensions, as the business world does not frequently use them.

Think Of Common Misspellings

Ask around to understand better if your preferred domain name is subject to frequent misspellings. Your workers, buddies, and customers can give feedback when you mention your domain name. Then, if you see a particular misspelling(s) crop up in responses, seriously think about purchasing these misspelled variations.

So why register multiple domain names, especially if you are beginning a brand-new business without excess cash? The upfront cost could save you money and time in the long term once your company becomes widely known online. A brand is essential to your company. You do not want to alter your company name and URL merely because someone bought a similar domain name and is utilizing it to draw customers far from your site.

Domaintive is an excellent source for finding the perfect domain name for your business.

Additionally, Brandgy provides excellent branded domain names if you are searching for a business name for your website. These brands consist of a great domain, logos, and other features so you can get your new company up and running quickly.

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