Worried That Google Might Penalize Your Domain Name?

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Last updated May 25, 2023
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Are you worried that Google might penalize your domain name? Follow these steps to validate your concerns and how to proceed if you have been penalized.

If you determine your domain name has been penalized by Google, you might be able to dig yourself out of the hole and get back in Google's great graces. But sometimes, you might need to unload your domain name and begin anew.



Repairing the Damage

Luckily, in some instances, you can fix the damage and proceed using your existing domain name. Some common issues can be taken care of without too many problems, such as these:

Mobile Compatibility

Google is devaluing all sites that are not compatible with smartphones. Failing to optimize your site for smartphone users can cause up to 30% of site traffic reduction. Luckily, repairing this issue is as simple as altering your site design template to a responsive theme. Then, adjust your site design to promote quick and easy loading from any smartphone.


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Web Link Issues

Google can also penalize your domain name over web link concerns. To correct this, you will have to identify what web link concerns exist as well as how to fix them.

If your site used web link farms previously, you need to disavow the inbound web links to regain your site's standing. You also need to evaluate any outbound web links to non-related or spam-type sites, removing them from our site.

Concurrently, building high-quality links on your site is crucial. Not to mention, you can boost older pages by linking them to new content. Linking to authoritative sites in your sector is likewise smart, as it tells Google that you are trying to provide accurate, high-quality content.

Take this time also to implement a link-building strategy to organically boost your inbound web links from high-ranking, relevant sites.

Unable to Repair the Damages When Google Penalizes Your Domain Name

Unluckily, you cannot fix the damage in some instances and must unload your existing domain name. Some common non-repairable issues are:Â

Obtaining a Penalized Domain Name

It is imperative to do thorough research before acquiring a domain name because Google has a lengthy listing of old domain names that have actually been penalized due to one or more factors. If you acquire a penalized domain name, you will quickly realize obtaining a significant quantity of web traffic to your site will be difficult.

Unfortunately, you cannot just complain to Google that your newly purchased URL has absolutely nothing to do with you, instead, the previous owner. Most likely, the only option is to unload your domain name should you determine you acquired a penalized domain name.

Rerouting and/or Copying Content from a Penalized Domain

If Google punishes your domain name, you can not merely acquire an additional, non-penalized one, rerouting whatever web traffic from your old domain name to the brand-new one. Google will immediately penalize your new domain name if you try to do so.

Additionally, Google penalizes your domain name should you copy all content from the penalized site to the brand-new one. This penalty can happen even if you do not redirect website traffic from the penalized domain name to your brand-new one. The only solution to unrepairable penalized domain names is to purchase another non-penalized domain name and start over.

Here are some tips to get you off on the right foot:

    • Buying an expired URL requires thorough due diligence to ensure the history, content and in/outbound link details are clean.
    • Choose a URL that is an excellent fit for your business.
    • Build your website anew. Keep your old logo design only if it adds value to your business. Nevertheless, don't import penalized URL content just to save time. The outcomes are never ever worth it.


Whether you are repairing a penalized domain name or starting anew, the team at Brandgy can provide expert assistance. Reach out for help with internet marketing, branding, and site design services to facilitate creating a site that is interesting to Google and possible clients. Let us take your company to the next level.


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